Your Cruise

On your cruise you will see a lot of the waterworld of Tampa Bay unfold. Birds Birds like ospreys, the agile sea eagle, used to be rare, but now sometimes you can see a dozen on the lights of bay bridges.

The ospreys are here because the Bay is providing them with a fine supply of fish which these eagles grab from the surface of the bay with their very efficient talons.

Bird life thrives at every level from ducks to eagles. A highlight of the cruise is a visit to Bird Island inside Coffeepot Bayou. There you are likely to see herons, pelicans, roseated spoonbills and many others.

Sea Mammals

Sea mammals dolphins and manatees are here year round. Manatees are sometimes shy and difficult to see, but dolphins on many days can't wait to show off to the passengers of the Dolphin Queen. You will learn much about these intelligent and playful creatures on the cruise and get to observe them going about their lives doing things that most of us have only read about.

Captain Fred will explain to you and you will probably observe how the females stick together and rule dolphin life in an otherworldly matriarchy. Go girls!


Rays are so plentiful that DQ passengers see them almost every day. You might see a school of sting rays or cow nose rays. The very large leopard rays are also common along with devil rays.


Finally, we are going to show you some of the edifices of human habitation.

The Coast Guard Station in St. Pete is said to be the largest drug interdiction base in the country. It currently operates 30 vessels, 12 C130 transport planes, and eight blackhawk helicopters.

It's also a popular dolphin hangout. Who knows why dolphins like the Coast Guard?

And you will enjoy seeing some of the waterside mansions built along the Bay and in canals. It's a treat to see these houses from the back where the owners typically hang out.